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Other Districts Hurt By Galesburg Strike

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The teachers on strike also include special education teachers who work for the Knox-Warren Special Education District.

It's a cooperative contract between seven school districts with Galesburg administering the contract. The strike has meant no special education teachers have been working in the impact district, even though school in nearly all those districts hasstarted .They'vee been forced to bring in substitute teachers to fill the gap the striking teachers have left.

We spoke with superintendents and principals in several of these districts. Monmouth Roseville, United, and ROWVA students has an individualized learning plan to suit their particular disability.

The superintendents say the subs do the best they can, but having a substitute teacher can cause a disruption for some students. Some more than others, especially depending on the amount of time these students spend with special education instructors.

The teachers and school district negotiating teams have been meeting here all day. They were disrupted earlier this afternoon, when a former staff member tried to occupy the building with a sleeping bag. He was escorted out by police.



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