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Government Bridge Headaches As Construction Continues

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It's the sight drivers are trying to avoid more than usual. The swing span opening during rush hour in Davenport.

"I gave myself 35 minutes, and I'm figuring I can get there in 35 minutes but I really wasn't planning on the span to be open," Fabiane Holland said. "I thought the city and the Government would kind of coordinate."

Holland normally keeps off the Government Bridge. She doesn't like it. But with Centennial under construction and a meeting just across the river in Rock Island, the detour doesn't make sense.

"You might as well wait until the span, by the time I drive way over there and get caught up in that traffic, why not," she said.

Not all drivers worry about playing the bridge game. Jane Hing has no problems with a barge locking through.

"I'll check my emails, unwind from the day, just sit and relax a little before going home," King said.

The Great River Brewery also tries to make a Government Bridge delay a little more bearable. It offers two bucks off a pint of beer when the span is open.

"We see a couple of them, of course they're not like keeping their car in line and popping in but there's good parking off the side street and they hop in for a quick pint," bartender Wendy Saathoff said.

Saathoff says people stay relatively calm during the traffic backups. still, Davenport has a traffic cop sit at the intersection during rush hour, making sure people don't ignore the new signs as drivers choose Government to get them across the Mississippi instead of its larger neighbor downstream.

"But with Centennial being down I go 280, but today for some reason I said lets go Arsenal and here we are with a barge," Becky Benson said.



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