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Teachers Voice Opinions At Galesburg School Board Meeting

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Galesburg teachers, on strike since last week, turned out in force for the school board meeting.

The goal for both sides is to end the strike ASAP. The district and the teachers union are set to return to the negotiating table with a federal mediator.

But union members urged the school board to approve their latest formal contract proposal during the closed session of their meeting, potentially getting teachers back in the classrooms as early as August 19th.

The teachers union says the situation is extremely serious, something they tried to demonstrate before the meeting as hundreds of teachers stood somberly shoulder to shoulder in a silent show of solidarity.

Those same teachers crowding the board room for the meeting, standing out in the hall when the room became full. Twenty-two teachers, residents, and tax payers speaking out to the board members, most urging them to come to resolutions to the last major sticking points in the contract so an agreement can finally be reached.

The formal proposal the union is asking the board to consider is nearly identical to their last offers.

This is the first teacher strike in the Galesburg district since 1977 and only the second one in the district's history



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