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Galesburg Teacher's Strike Impacts Activities

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Galesburg classrooms remained empty on the first day as teachers walked their picket lines. It's day two of the strike, and now some students are joining in.

Athletes, musicians, and cheerleaders joined the strike to try and put pressure on the school board. No extracurricular activities can take place during the strike, including practices.

That will have an immediate impact on the football team. Twelve practices must be held before the first game or the team will have to forfeit. One senior says that's why he's holding his own picket sign.

"Just to show them that we care and that we don't think it's fair that we're not allowed to practice," Ben Holloway said.

The school board can allow its football coaches to hold practice, but it has chosen not to. The next meeting between the teachers and school district negotiating teams is set for next week.


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