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Latest On Galesburg Teacher Negotiations

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Galesburg teachers have been in a closed session all day with the school board negotiating on contracts.

If a compromise isn't reached by 1 p.m.tomorrow, union officials say they could strike and students would not return to class this Thursday.

Officials tell us as of late last week that the strike would also mean no sports practices can take place, leaving many students and parents concerned about what will happen this school year.

"It could easily disrupt his graduation or how much time he has got to spend or maybe even I suppose during the holidays making up time," parent James Wetherbee said. "I'm not sure what they'll do."

If a contract is drawn up by the deadline, union members will meet tomorrow at 6 p.m. to vote on it.

If it passes, school would start the following day. If there is no contract, the union will still meet in order to assign duties for the strike.



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