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QC Air Show & Other Big Events Draw Crowds, Boost Economy

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Several events this weekend in the Quad Cities Area are making a big impact on the local economy. Tourism experts say the more events, the better. The visitors are buying hotel rooms, meals in restaurants and tickets to the festivals and attractions, including the Tug Fest, the Quad City Air Show, Ya Maka My Weekend, and more.

"The National Association of Fast Pitch, the World Series, is here in town as well," said Joe Taylor, president and CEO of the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau. "This is a really busy weekend in the Quad Cities."

He says the more events, the more visitors, the more money.

"That translates then into economic impact," he said. "They're reaching into their pockets, and their wallets, and their pocketbooks, for funds that they leave here in the Quad Cities."

On average, he says each visitor spends about $180 while they're here, and each year, the number of visitors continues to grow. He says people might be more likely to stop by when more is happening at once.

"Having more things to do may be the differentiator in making them hop in that car and drive to the Quad Cities," he said.

Tug Fest organizer Tammy Knapp says she's not worried about competing with the other events.

"The crowds are up, everybody is happy," she said. "Last night, it was just packed down here. It was awesome. So, doesn't seem to be bothering us at all."

The event times don't exactly align, which she says helps.

"Tomorrow, some people are going to the Air Show because we're not having Tug Fest," she said. "Air Show is two days, so it kind of works it out in itself."

As for who sold the most tickets, it's a little too soon to tell.

"We'll do that next week," Knapp said.

Events set to bring in big crowds continue Sunday, with the BMX State Qualifiers at 12:30 PM in East Moline.



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