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Wilmington Plumbing Company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Launches New Website

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Website offers information about the surprising number of services and options offered by the company and makes contact easy, reports Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Wilmington, DE, USA – August 7, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ –

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Wilmington, Delaware, today announced the launch of a new website to better serve its local customers. The company has been serving the Wilmington area for 13 years, and believes that the site will make it even easier for local customers to deal with them.

“This new site gives people plenty of information about the options and uses of various plumbing products,” said Ron Williams of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. “It also lets people know that our company can do far more than work with pipes. For example, one page (http://benfranklinwilmington.com/pumps.html) details the different types of pumps we can install and service. We list water pumps, pool pumps, and sump pumps. Without the site, many people wouldn’t realize that they don’t have to go to a pool store for a pool pump or a well digger for a water pump. We can take care of all of these types of pumps.”

The company also offers a water treatment system, the H20 Harmony Water Conditioner, which takes care of several household water problems at once. It includes filters as well as a softener to turn even the hardest water into water that’s stain-free and is a delight to drink. Water heaters are also offered, so there’s no trouble taking care of basic needs like hot water.

“Of course, we also handle all of the typical plumbing jobs,” Williams said. “We can unclog drains, put in new faucets, install new tubs and showers, and stop leaks. Most plumbing jobs involve maintenance and repairs of existing systems, and that’s how most of our customers end up meeting us. However, we think it’s important for people to know that we can also take care of upgrades and serious equipment replacements. Most systems will eventually need some major work, and it’s far easier for people to get that done when all they need to do is call the usual plumbers.”

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s national tagline is “The Punctual Plumber,” and it addresses what is, in some areas, a widespread problem: Plumbers that come very late or don’t show up at all. Now, the company also emphasizes what it does after it arrives. Along with providing plenty of water-related products and services, it has worked to make sure that customers are happy with the work it does. To this end, it has gained a presence on many review sites. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Wilmington is on Angie’s List, where it is rated on seven factors ranging from responsiveness and professionalism to punctuality. As Angie’s rating criteria show, punctuality is still important to customers, though it is no longer the only criteria of interest.

About Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Wilmington
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Wilmington has been serving the area for 13 years, and prides itself on the wide variety of services it expertly provides. It can take care of everything from clogged toilets to the installation of full water treatment systems. There is no need to call a different company for any water-related needs.

For more information about us, please visit http://benfranklinwilmington.com/

Contact Info:
Name: Ron Williams
Email: support@benfranklinwilmington.com
Address: 410 Meco Drive Suite B
Phone: 302-468-1474
Organization: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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