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Amnesty Ends For Davenport Traffic Cam Tickets

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If you've been caught by a traffic cam in Davenport, you're amnesty is up.

City leaders needed to make up between $2.5 and $3 million dollars in unpaid traffic tickets. That's about 28,000 tickets. Only 15,000 took advantage of the program.

If you're one of the tens of thousands that didn't, you'll have to pay a 25 dollar late fee and you won't be able to register a car.

"We know that everyone needs to renew their vehicle at some point in the year," Davenport Finance Director Brandon Wright said. "Everyone will face the day that they need to make that payment. So we're hoping to provide an opportunity to do it without a lower cost and without the inconvenience of arriving at the DMV and realize you can't register your vehicle."

If a registration hold is put on your car, city leaders say it's best to pay online, because it's considered the quickest form of payment instead of writing a check.



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