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Wapsi River Seeing Record Flooding

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There's record level flooding on the Wapsi River.

Right now, the river near DeWitt is at 14.2 feet and is expected to rise to 14.5. That's higher than the old record from 1990 at 14.1.

Those who live near the Wapsi know they're going to have to deal with flooding but they weren't ready for this.

Old Highway 61 in Long Grove is covered in water and for those who want to cross it, it's a challenge. Some people we talked to called this an inconvenience others say it's actually kind of fun.

Residents living along the Wapsi River aren't surprised whenever the water in on the rise.

"We're used to it," resident Bill Miller said. "If you live on the river, got to expect a little water, you know?"

But they say the area doesn't usually get this wet.

"I was here, what was that 2008, or something like that, when the big flood came through," Miller said. "This is bigger than that one."

The amount of water is a concern for people like Mike Pringle, whose daughter's property is past the water-filled road.

"It's awful close to getting inside her cabin down there, so i guess we're going to see what mother nature does," Pringle said. And with record-breaking levels ahead, "We're staying at a motel in Eldridge," he said.

Some people are getting out of town while they can.

"We could live in there if we wanted to stay in there," Joe Cupps said. "Electric works, and phone and everything works. It doesn't hurt, it's just the inconvenience."

Others, like Jenny Drake, are refusing to let the water stop them from going about life. In Wild Wood, she's taking a vehicle through the water back into town before it gets too deep.

"We love it down here," she said. "It's actually a great neighborhood. We have great neighbors. They're like our family, and when this happens, it's just a way of life, and we're used to it and we just deal with it."



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