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Flash Flooding Hammers Muscatine

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Flash flooding inundated parts of Muscatine, cutting off workers from their cars at the HON plant, and swelling Mad Creek.

All the excessive rain fall has caused Mad Creek to really start flowing very quickly, dragging a lot of debris with it.

Public works crews are trying to remove some of the debris that has banged up and collected along the bridge. They're worried that if too much debris backs up here, the water level will actually increase and that will put the water over the bridge forcing them to shut the flood gate, affecting residents who can't get between here and downtown Muscatine.

"It's a pain because like everything is over there," Mallorie Thompson said. "My boyfriend goes to work at GPC over there, we shop at Hyvee over there, and my other job is over there so it's a pain to go all the way around."

Muscatine public works crews are also finishing road closures, specifically Mississippi Drive, on the east side of the downtown in Muscatine.



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