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Clinton Residents Frustrated About Damaged Roads

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CLINTON, IA – Many viewers have been telling us about road conditions in Clinton. They say potholes are out of control and want to see change.

Roy Brown has lived in Clinton for 48 years. He says these roads are long overdue for repaving. “I’ve never seen this road redone. The street I grew up as a kid on 12th Avenue South has never been redone since I’ve lived here and there’s many more all over town.”

Some of the potholes are so deep, they’ve become safety hazards. Brown says, “If you hit a pothole and you don’t have good control over your wheel, it just throws your car off to the side either direction. It’s dangerous.”

Karrie McKie, another resident, says her son can’t even bike on the streets. “My son has tried to ride his bike out here and he’s wiped out and got road rash and everything because of all the potholes.”

We reached out to the city of Clinton, and Mayor Mark Vulich agrees that roads have been neglected for far too long.  “The council and the city is very much aware that streets are I bad shape due to a lack of maintenance and we have taken a very aggressive action to try to fix it.”

He says the city is actively making changes. Mayor Vulich says, “Starting July 1st of this year, the council has committed 2.5 million dollars for the next six years which will bring the balance of the city streets to an equal standard, where we should be at a maintenance level.”

The mayor says every street is on this six-year plan to be fixed in some way. The city has a Pavement Management Program to get streets up to standards.

If residents want to know when their streets will be fixed, they can contact the engineering department at Clinton City Hall. The city has a list of streets and a timeline of when each road will be fixed.

The new budget starting in July is double the original fund, which has been 1.25 million dollars since 2009. Vulich says this wasn’t fixing streets fast enough, which is why they will be doubling the funding in July.

Residents want to see it done soon. They say patching a pothole with tar is only a temporary solution. McKie looks at a pothole and says, “They filled it a couple days ago, but I don’t think it’s going to last very long because it’s already starting to come out. These roads are awful, terrible.”

Brown hopes the city will keep its promise. “Do something about it,” Brown says, “That’s all we’re asking is that they do something about it.”


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