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Final Push to Name Alcoa Eaglet after Davenport Officer

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    The clock is ticking, and some in our community say the competition is too close. Just days left to name the alcoa eaglet, and many are pushing for the name Rudy. It's one of eight names in the running for the baby eagle. A name close to the hearts of many in our community, who say a Quad Cities treasure should be named after a Quad Citian who gave so much. Rudy's end of watch was February 18th, but friends and co-workers say he lives on, and tonight is really the beginning of the final push to name the Alcoa eaglet.
     Retired Davenport Police Capt. Dave Struckman lists them for us. "The dedication, the strength, the pride." All  qualities you could say represent our nation's symbol. An Struckman says, "That was Kevin Marxen, not only in his professional work, but in his private life." A veteran officer with the Davenport force, Lt. Shawn Voigts says, Marxen touched everyone. "When I was selected for the tactical team in '95, he was also my mentor there."
    Sgt. Kevin Marxen was given the nickname Rudy early on. "The person who maybe wasn't the biggest," Voigts says. "He wasn't the fastest, maybe he wasn't the most athletic or that." But he may have had the biggest heart. "He  keeps trying, keeps trying to improve, always giving 110 percent, no matter what the situation was. That was Kevin." Why Davenport's Chief says when it comes to the "Remembering Rudy" Facebook page and the effort to name the eaglet Rudy, "I'm not surprised. He was a beloved member of the department and the community."
     His loss is still felt every day. "All the people that he touched, all the people that he helped," Voigts says. Chief Frank Donchez tells us, "I think we were blessed to have his presence for as long as we did." Voigts says it was always positive. "You could be having the worst day, come in grouchy, grumpy for whatever reason. Five minutes with Kevin and you're happy, smiley. All of a sudden, it wasn't as bad as you thought when you came in."
     And as for his thoughts about this eaglet naming?  "He would say, uh uh, c'mon now. He'd be embarrassed," Struckman says. But these officers say it's a point of pride. Donchez says, "His memory will live on in all the things he accomplished." And maybe with what future generations will accomplish, inspired to soar like an eagle named Rudy. "It's a good way to honor both Kevin and his memory," Voigts says. "But also the other people that can live on his his honor, live life like Kevin and make the community we live in a better place."
     You can vote for your favorite eaglet name as often as you'd like through Sunday night at 11:00.


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