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Groundbreaking For West Davenport Development

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It may have looked like a few shovelfuls of dirt, but Davenport city leaders say a groundbreaking near Centennial park is much more for Dev Bastola, and his wife and kids.
Mayor Bill Gluba says, "This is a family from Nepal, who came to this country to follow the American Dream. They are in fact, living that dream."
Bastola owns the Sara Mini Mart and Shell Station on River Drive. He now plans to expand the lot on the other side of Myrtle, with a 15-thousand square foot commercial space.
"A couple restaurants," Bastola says. "A pizza place and check cashing and cell phones, ice cream."
He says after 16 years on this corner, it's time.
"Why expand? Because  the city expands. As the downtown's growing, the parks and recreation, new ferris wheel and people coming into downtown and the parks, so that's more business. So I'm excited."
City leaders say they are too.
"It's pretty amazing," the Mayor says. "I don't know of any other major retail, brand-new retail investment in this part of town, in probably 100 years or longer."
And this is happening across from what is now Centennial Park, at the Western Gateway to the city.
Alderman Bill Boom calls it "sweet victory". He says West End Development is overdue, expecting this to bring, "obviously jobs, jobs, jobs."
And more.
More development and more visitors to the West End.
Mayor Bill Gluba says this is a two-million dollar investment in the city that will benefit all taxpayers.
Basola says the project should be complete in nine months.



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