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Former West Carroll Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault

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A former West Carroll High School science teacher is being charged with criminal sexual assault. 
The victim is a 17-year-old boy who was a student at the school. Chelsey Wheeler, 24, resigned from her job last week. 
Savanna police say she turned herself in after a search warrant was issued for her home. 

We talked with police and the school district who didn't want to be on camera. The district says a substitute is filling in the vacant position for now. They are reinforcing appropriate behavior for their staff toward students and now the community is reacting with mixed feeling about this situation.

"I just think it's awful," said Wendy Barbee. "My kids are all grown but I think it's awful. These kids go through too much as it is. I think it's just terrible."

"I didn't think it was really a big deal," said Tim Schlosser. "Everybody makes a lot more of out it than it is around here. But, there wasn't that big of an age difference and they both knew what they were doing."

Police tell us they're still investigating this case, as there may be more victims.



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