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Local Departments Working With Hastings, MN On Carrie Olson Case

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Davenport and Rock Island police met with authorities in Minnesota to discuss the investigation into the death of Carrie Olson.

"Dakota County sheriff's department's discovery of the body was really important," said Major Don Schaeffer of the Davenport Police Department. "It will really help us move a lot farther forward, evidence that was found on the body or even what happened to Carrie we should be able to determine that from the autopsy."

Carrie's body was found Saturday in a field in Hastings, Minnesota. She was identified last night. She'd been missing since late December.

The sheriff's department is in Hastings about 10 or 15 minutes from the site where Olson's body was found. It's a wooded area with tall trees and few houses. Why neighbors say they couldn't believe the commotion Saturday night. 

"Dakota County sheriff came to our door about 8:30 Saturday night and asked if we'd seen anything suspicious and we said no," said Jesse Viall. "Wife came home said she saw a loop full of squad cars."

"There was probably 40 squad cars," said Kyle Kragenbring. "Walked out and it was pretty surreal."

Neighbor here now hoping the investigation goes quickly. These families feeling so much sympathy for Carrie Olson's friends and family, hoping for justice.



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