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Ice Jams Impact Colona

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We've been telling you of the potential for ice jam issues on area waterways and this scene on the Green River is exactly what we've been talking about.
It even led to a levee breach near Colona, Illinois. 

Joe Swan is the Colona township supervisor but he's also a homeowner. He says he expects around six feet of water in his backyard by tomorrow morning. This year's winter brought abnormally thick ice blocks as you might've seen near creeks across the Quad Cities and, on the Green River, the blocks built up and couldn't pass under the bridges causing the water to fill up and overflow, kind of like a tub.
When this happens, the floods reach farmland and roads something Swan says is a major issue.

"The main concern is safety for people," Swan said. "They don't want people driving through flood waters. If they go off the ditches, there's 8, 9, 10 feet of water on each side." 

That's why, he says, River Road was closed today. He also says the floods destroy the road.
The city resurfaced it already this year, but if it gets damaged badly again, he says it could cost the city around $100-thousand. Hydrologists tell us ice jams are an ongoing possibility with the recently melting since the abnormally cold winter made the frost depth thicker than usual.



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