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Dealing With Nuisance Properties In LeClaire

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The LeClaire City Council has been addressingproblematic properties for years, as part of their nuisance abatement program.They set aside a budget to make sure homeowners clean their yards. 

Some neighbors say that how they feel aboutliving next to a junk-filled yard depends on the type of junk. 

"I'd be okay with it, as long as itwasn't garbage, like garbage bags full of garbage," resident ChristinaCornett said. 

"I'd hope that people would try toresolve their differences civilly between each other before they would get thegovernment to intervene," resident Jesse Anderson said. 

Anderson says most LeClaire yards aren'tnuisances. 

"The majority of yards that I seethroughout town, as well as my neighborhood are pretty well kept, the same waythat I'd keep mine," he said. 

However, others have noticed nuisanceproperties, and have complained to city council. 

"It makes people be nice to theirneighbors, nice to the city, by cleaning up their yards and getting rid of theold junk that sits around," LeClaire Mayor Robert Scannell said. 

The nuisance abatement program launched lastMay, targeting more than 50 properties. Mayor Scannell says a lot of thehomeowners took their warning letters seriously, cleaning up their yardsthemselves, and leaving most of the $50,000 clean-up budget untouched. 

However, he says some properties didn'tremain clean for long. 

"If they won't do it, then that's whatthat money was put in from the council, that we're going to go after them andmake sure that they do it," he said. 

The winter paused last year's cleanup. 

"We never really got the projectactually going full-force because it was in the middle of the year, middle ofthe summer, when we actually started it," he said. 

Now that the snow is disappearing, the mayorsays the city isn't going to wait. 

"We'll go in with a dumpster if theydon't take care of it," he said. 

Thisyear, he says, they're going to take care of dozens of homes.


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