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More Businesses Coming to Hilltop Campus Village

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New development in one Davenport neighborhood continues. 

The Hilltop Campus Village welcomed a new bakery to the area last week, on the heels of a new grocery store opening there last month.

Residents there say they're happy with the way their neighborhood is changing.

The Eastside Bakery and Hilltop Groceries and Spirits are just the latest additions to the neighborhood that had seen a downhill slide over the last forty years before new developments began coming in.

Last December, the Harrison Lofts opened with sixty residential units available. Now, the lofts are fully leased.

And, more developments are coming for the people who live there. 

Hilltop Campus Village program director Scott Tunnicliff tells us the area can expect new businesses to fill in some of the vacancies relatively soon.

Although he couldn't tell us specific names, he says one will be open in the next thirty days and another three might open within six months.

Tunnicliff says a focus now is on developing a platform for all of the local businesses to come together.

"There's a critical mass now of businesses that we think we can start up a co-op program for promotion driven by the merchants themselves," he said.

Tunnicliff says the Hilltop Village Campus is working on bringing in even more businesses in the future.

They're also looking to improve street lighting in the neighborhood.



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