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Cosmos Student of the Week: Katie Melbourne

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In honor of the new TV series "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" that premiered right here on Your Fox 18 Sunday night, we're recognizing local science scholars with our "Cosmos Student of the Week" honor.

This week's featured student is Katie Melbourne, a Pleasant Valley junior nominated for having a love of everything celestial.

"I just like the idea of the mystery of it all and it's something so much bigger than all of us," Melbourne said.

Melbourne says she has had an affinity for astronomy ever since her first look through a telescope.

"It's evolved from wanting to be an aerospace engineer to actually wanting to be an astronomer and astrophysicist ever since I took physics," she recalled.

In class, she's been busy learning about charging a capacitor with batteries and comparing readings on a graph to theoretic equations.

Outside of the class, Melbourne spends time gazing at the stars with her own telescope as a member of a local astronomy club.

She has been accepted to the research internship for science and engineering at Boston University this summer. 

She says her friends and family are fascinated by her passion for planets and physics.

"I like to think they put up with me every time we go outside at night and say 'Oh, there's Orion' and point out all these different stars and constellations," she said.

Melbourne was nominated to be the KLJB Cosmos Student of the Week by her AP Physics teacher, Danielle Spaete.

"I have been talking about the Cosmos series coming out and we both share and enthusiasm for it so I thought Katie would be the perfect person," Spaete said.

"I remember the old Cosmos series and I remember the impact it had on me personally and virtually every other science person I know," she added.

Melbourne says she's excited about the series, too. And, as Cosmos Student of the Week, she looks forward to a fresh, new look at the universe, and to all the universe holds for her in the future.

If you know a local student who excels at science that you think should be a Cosmos Student of the Week, just fill out the nomination form on our website.

The TV series "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Your Fox 18. 

We will be featuring a different science scholar every week in our newscast immediately after the show. 



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