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Redeveloping Muscatine's Riverfront

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After seven months of researching the Mississippi riverfront in Muscatine, University of Iowa students unveiled their ideas for plans to redevelop the area on Saturday.
The master's students partnered with community leaders to conduct the extensive surveys, interview, and brainstorming sessions that resulted in the plans.

They came up with three visions for the riverfront, which they unveiled at an open house on Saturday, seeking community members' opinions on their ideas.

Out of the working ecosystem riverfront, the fitness riverfront, and the arts and industry riverfront, residents voted for their favorite development alternative, along with individual features within each plan.

"One of the students was like, 'Well, we don't have to get rid of the basketball court.' And I'm like, 'well, no, that's just my preference. We want to keep those activity locations.' But they've had really good explanations and plan design," said Solid Waste Manager Laura Liegois.

The open house on Saturday was intended to be a conversational forum to give residents a chance to express their views before final decisions are made.

There is no word at this point about which ideas got the highest votes, but the students tell us they will be going over the feedback.

Muscatine residents also had the opportunity to indicate whether they'd be willing to help implement these plans by donating their time, physical labor or money.

This riverfront redevelopment project is one of 13 around the city that 100 University of Iowa students have been working on for the past seven months.



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