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Plane Headed For Q.C. Makes Emergency Landing

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     It was a scary emergency landing for those aboard an American Eagle flight on its way to the Quad City International Airport. Just after taking off from the Dallas Fort Worth airport Wednesday night the plane was forced to make a stop 60 miles away in Greenville.

    The pilot says the stop was necessary after noticing smoke in the cabin. Passengers say they were only in the air about 15 minutes but during that time of descent passengers say they weren't sure if they would make it. They all listened to the pilot for directions while bracing themselves for the landing.

    "When its happening to you and your hearts beating through your chest and somebody is telling you, you may not land, it changes stuff," said Greg Siers, a passenger.

     Once the passengers got off the plane they stayed overnight at a hotel and safely made it to the Quad Cities Thursday. There is no word yet on what caused the smoke in the cockpit.



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