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Snowplow Contractors Profit; Businesses Face Expensive Snow Removal Costs

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The impact of our long winter with lots of snow can mean a profit for plow businesses, but a big loss for local stores paying to keep their parking lots clear.

Local snow plow contractor Ryan Iossi of RC Iossi Co. is having a busy season. 

"We're just generally getting wore out overall, but we're not complaining," said Iossi. 

He said it's definitely been a profitable year, but a long and snowy winter has had it's toll on his company from equipment breakdowns to salt supplies. 

"As soon as there becomes a shortage, the state and municipalities get first rights to that," said Iossi. "So, small contractors like myself, my salt supply basically got cut short midway through the season."

He ordered 500-600 tons of salt only to be cut off by his supplier at 250 tons when salt supplies were running low in January. Luckily, he planned ahead and had some stored up, just in case.

Iossi said other contractors who may have had a lot of seasonal contracts, meaning a flat-rate for the whole winter for snow plow, could be hurting this year. It's a risk some take in order to guarantee income. 

"I didn't set up a lot of seasonal accounts, so we're doing ok," said Iossi. "There's always next year, so you'll never know."
But small businesses who need to keep their parking lots plowed aren't looking forward to expensive bills coming their way.

The Camera Corner manager Ted Doty said he's estimating that his 30 car parking lot will cost nearly double what it did last year to keep it clear of snow, nearly $11,000 for 2014. 

"You're just going to have to hope for a good year throughout everywhere else," said Doty. "The economy as it is right now, you kind of just got to keep your fingers crossed and hope that everything falls in your direction for the year."

Iossi said we usually get about 25 to 30 inches of snow per season. This year he said we're already over 50, making the costs for customers higher.



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