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Police Continue Search For Kewanee Runaway

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A Kewanee teen has been missing for almost 11 days.
Sixteen-year-old Taniya Gromm left her home last Sunday, and hasn't been seen since. But this isn't the first time it's happened. Her mother says Taniya has run away before.
So how do police decide when they need to get involved?

"Taniya left basically with nothing," Taniya's mother Monica Arbuckle said. "Which she's always left with a purse or something with clothes stashed in because she knew she wasn't coming home."
So, as she has done before, Monica turned to police for help. 

"The very beginning of the time is the most important," Kewanee police chief Jim Dison said. "That's when you are getting all the information and you're trying to get that information out to as many in the local law enforcement area that you can." 

Chief Dison says that no matter how many times a child has run away or has been reported missing, all cases are treated the same. 

"Any child that's missing is a child that's missing," Dison said. "For whatever reason, a child has taken off, more that once. Often times, we don't know what those reasons are, so we view them all as missing kids."

Many times, police don't reach out to media in the case of runaways Chief Dison explains. But this case, evidence said Taniya wasn't in Kewanee anymore and more people needed to know she was a missing girl who needs to come home.

"In this situation here, all the leads were pointing to the immediate region," Dison said. "And as we kept going, it started going towards the Quad Cities." 

But even though she's been gone for awhile, this mom isn't giving up home of finding her daughter. 

"I would say that all things aside, it doesn't matter," Arbuckle said. "What matters is Taniya needs to be home with her family, her sisters and her brother and me. We miss her."



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