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As National Economy Improves, So Do QC Hopes

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John Deere's chief economist says the global economy is looking better this year.

The Quad City Chamber of Commerce says that's important news for Quad City small businesses. Growing global demand will trickle back to the Quad Cities through orders for products and resources. The chamber is part of an effort to make the Quad Cities a federally recognized manufacturing community.

With that status, the Quad City manufacturers will have access to money and scientists to help grow their businesses.

"By strengthening the supply base and increasing the strength of the manufacturing sector in our economy, those are the companies that support the John Deeres and the Alcoas of the world," John Deere Economic and Community Development Director Bill Ratzburg said.

The chamber is also creating a manufacturing hub for the Quad Cities.

It will combine scientists and marketing experts to help expand manufacturing's reach. The chamber says earning the manufacturing designation will help to create the manufacturing hub.



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