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Harsh Winter Could Impact Landscaping Come Spring

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     Things like high heating costs, extra snow removal efforts, and overall frustration are results of this harsh winter. But something you won't even start to see until there's a warm up is an impact on your landscaping and plants.  A lot of homeowners could face more maintenance and costs come spring.

     The Q.C. has been below freezing about 80 percent of the time since December 1st. That has many of us are itching to see green leaves, shrubs and flowers in bloom but some plants might have a hard time bouncing back.

     Right now, garden experts say it's kind of a waiting game. Damage won't start to really show until it warms up. But there will likely need to be a lot of extra pruning and in some cases going to be total replacement. Things like evergreen bushes, ornamental grasses, and some trees could see damage. Perennials might be iffy too depending on how much the snow cover has helped with insulation.

      "They'll tolerate a little bit of that, but when you have such prolonged cold as we've had plus the wind on top of that that's where you're going to see a lot of issues," said Andy Kay, owner of The Green Thumbers.

     "Some things like damaged evergreen, if they're too winter burned... I say if they're more than 40 percent brown they need to be replaced," said Kate Terrell, Manager at Wallace's Garden Center in Bettendorf.

     Most plants in this area rated for temperatures of -20 degrees at the lowest, which we've seen coupled with a lot of windy days this winter. It has garden centers and anyone with a green thumb really gearing up for a warm-up.



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