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Drought Conditions Cause Rising QCA Food Prices

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Drought conditions in California are causing grocery shoppers across the country and here at home, paying a little bit more than usual.
Beef and milk are just some of the products that are coming with a higher price tag. Milk is 13 cents more per gallon than what is was back in September. Ground beef is expected to be at least $4-a-pound this year.
Officials say the price hike is being caused by farmers and ranchers out in California losing their harvest and selling their livestock due to the drought. As one QCA grocery store owner points out, within the 40 years he's been in business prices have fluctuated before and say shopper don't need to panic.

"Nobody needs to panic," Barnes Foodland's Mike Barnes said. "This is just markets that maybe are a little higher than normal, and things will level off as time goes by."

Budget specialists suggest there are ways to save during peak periods. For example, when beef prices rise you can consider switching to chicken or pork during that time to cut costs.



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