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Plenty Of Wishes For Geneseo Tax Funds

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The one percent sales tax is projected to generate $11.5-million for Rock Island County students if voters approve the tax in March.

In Henry County, the new tax is expected to bring in $3-million for students. The Geneseo School District expects to receive $915-thousand of that total. Before it spends a dime, the school district wants the community to guide it.

"It was like a college campus compared to this," Ryan Tulcus said.

Geneseo High School sophomore Ryan Tulcus says his old school in Texas was much bigger than here. He wants the school board to add a wing on the high school to ease crowding.

"The hallways are all compact, it's like hard to get through, a lot of people have to walk real slow to get through," Tulcus said.

The original section of the high school is over 50 years old. The district's architect says work is needed to fix accessibility issues, repair roofs, and update old heating and cooling systems at nearly all the schools with the money to begin tackling these jobs now. The school board's vice president says the district wants community guidance first.

"Are they looking to have more technology? Are they looking for a fine arts center, a better sports facilities?" Geneseo school board V.P. Jackie Mickley pondered.

Demands on the district are plenty. Some want a fine arts facility. One of the elementary schools lacks enough space for gym class. Everyone wants safe buildings. Mickley says this is the first time in her ten year tenure, new money has come to the table.

"This is the first since I've been on the board, since I've been on the board we've been deficit spending every year," Mickley said.

The meetings will ultimately result in formal recommendations to the school board as it charts how best to make repairs and design school facilities for a 21st century education system. Its students have a lot of wants.

"It would be kind of nice to have more of a bigger, setting for our fine arts, because we only have a certain amount of space for art and space for band," student Jeremey Ryder said.

A wish list that may come into reality as new tax dollars start flowing in.



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