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Illinois Looks To Ban Smoking On College Campuses

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Lighting up at public universities in Illinois could soon be against the law if some state lawmakers have their way.

Under a measure in the Illinois House, smokers won't be able to smoke on any state supported university campuses. The bill would ban smoking both indoors and outdoors on all public universities in the state, including Western Illinois University in Moline

While lawmakers are still trying to work out the kinks of this bill, one thing they hope this measure does is create a healthier lifestyle for college students.

Illinois residents we spoke to say they'd like to see the proposal passed:

"Although you may want to enjoy your cigarette not everybody else wants to," Katie Malmstrom, a smoker, explained.

State Representative Mike Smiddy, a co-sponsor of this bill, says his reasons for supporting the measure are personal.

"I had a friend I went to high school with that contracted throat cancer because of second hand smoke. They felt it was because of the college lifestyle," Smiddy said. "That kind of hit home to me as to why we kind of needed this. Just to promote a healthier lifestyle especially on the campuses of our state universities which we give millions of dollars too every year. Think it's a step we should take."

Right now, the bill says it will be left up to the university to decide how it will penalize offenders, but, Smiddy says it's all about encouraging college students to cut smoking out of their lives.


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