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Clowning Around, Learning to Help Sick Children

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A clowning workshop Saturday helped to train the next generation of doctors how to help sick kids heal through laughter.
More than a dozen St. Ambrose students took part in the clowning workshop this weekend. 

The students have been taking a medical clowning course this semester, and on Saturday, they teamed up with several clowns from the Quad City Clown Troupe to learn important lessons.

"They're learning different techniques to be a medical clown. They may never put on a clown outfit, but it's about building that relationship. And so then when they move into their professional careers, this is something that they'll be able to take with them and use," explained Christine Urish, a professor at St. Ambrose University.

Organizers say clowns provide relief for sick children and their families.

The goal is to engage, empower, and give choices to those who seldom get them.



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