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Local Economy Could Benefit From Energy Investment

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All sorts of energy is used to power our homes and businesses from coal, to wind, to nuclear.
There seems to be a growing demand in the market that could lead to more jobs right here in the QCA.
St. Ambrose economics professor Dr. Bill Lynn believes if the local economy is looking to grow then it should turn to energy and investing in nuclear energy may be the best way to do it.
He says the price for natural gas is declining which is the most economical resource right now. Wind energy may be clean but says it isn't cheap enough unless it gets subsidized but nuclear energy could have a bright future here.

"It has great consistency, but because of things that happened in places like Chernobyl we're still pretty afraid of it," Lynn said. 

Last year, the Exelon plant in Cordova produced enough nuclear energy to power over one-million homes. 



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