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Avoiding Red Light Camera Tickets with Winter Road Conditions

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It's a question that probably runs through your head just about every time you see one: Did that red light or speed camera just give me a ticket?

And, in hazardous winter conditions, your next thought may be about the possibility of getting out of that ticket.

But, police say the rules are clear: Red light and speed cameras don't pay special attention to the weather. 

Citations are given out if you break the rules, even in icy or snowy conditions.

And, you can get a ticket even if you think it's safer to run a red light then to slam on your brakes on slick pavement. 

But Muscatine Police Sergeant Vincent Motto says if you understand how the cameras work you can avoid these hefty fines. 

Intersections with a red light or speed camera have a white bar painted on the road, and if your car has passed that line before the light turns red, police say you should keep going through the intersection.

If the light turns red before you pass the white bar, you will get a ticket for you running the light. 

"They don't activate the camera system until the light is actually red. So in other words, if your vehicle has begun to enter into the intersections as the light has turned yellow, continue to go through the intersection. You're not going to be cited for that," Sgt. Motto explained.

Sgt. Motto also says you can appeal your ticket if you feel you have been wrongly given one, especially in winter driving conditions. 

He says if you believe you would have caused an accident in Muscatine had you not run the red light, you can set up a meeting with the captain of patrol. He's the one who reviews all the citations. 

Authorities say the last thing they want drivers to do is to brake abruptly to avoid getting a ticket. 

Sergeant Motto says the reason they have the cameras up in the first place is because they want drivers to be extra cautious at intersections.

Gradually slowing down is the best way to avoid accidents and to stay in control of your vehicle - That's your responsibility as a driver, no matter the road conditions.



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