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Two Iowa Counties Seeing Potential Drug Task Force Cuts

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Louisa and Washington counties in Iowa are experiencing some cut backs to their joint drug task force.

Now officials there are looking for new ways to save the program that is responsible for seizing thousands of grams of marijuana, cocaine and meth.
Right now, there is only one officer in charge of running the drug investigations but with the lack of federal aid that has sustained the program for the last 20 years, he will no longer be able to investigate.
The sheriff says this will create an even bigger drug problem in the area and with these type of cases, it's important to act quickly.

"Most of the time, in a general crime case, you can put things on the back burner for a bit but in a drug case, you're running on the criminals time," said Louisa County sheriff Brad Turner. "So when it's time to go, you gotta go."

Sheriff Turner says the department could fund the taskforce but it would cost around $100-thousand for the car and equipment and an additional $75-thousand a year for salary and insurance.
He says it's a bill that the county may need tax payers to help fund.


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