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Thanksgiving Eve Kicks Off Holiday DUI Season

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     Thanksgiving Eve is not just a big travel day it's a big night to go out and celebrate. Many bars and restaurants expected big crowds of people kicking off a long holiday weekend. But local law enforcement say it's a bad combination to have busier roads and more potential drunk drivers.

     Many agencies stepped up patrols for that reason. In addition to the normal shift of deputies working Rock Island County also had a couple addition units out doing specifically traffic enforcement.

     "There have been fatalities. The police and jurisdictions like the sheriff's office try to do saturation patrols," said Sheriff Jeff Boyd.
     Boyd says the best way to be safe is not drink and drive and also have a designated sober driver. That goes for the rest of the holiday season. There are different services in town available to get you home safely. For example, D and B Designated Drivers takes reservations but will take both you and your vehicle home safely.
      "It's so important that you plan ahead. If you have a plan in place. It's a no brainer, it really is," said owner and operator Dan Kennedy.

     Back for one night, the Loop bus service also ran until 3:30 a.m. Wednesday to take people place to place in the downtowns around Quad Cities metro.



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