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New Vision For Davenport Riverfront

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Over the years downtown Davenport has changed with some businesses leaving the area and with new development projects coming in.
So now city leaders are revisiting a 10-year-old River Vision plan to see how the city can move forward.

Three companies want to help bring in more attractions to the riverfront, which would bring more revenue to the city, especially since Rhythm City will become a land-based casino, leaving a gap on the river front.
Mayor Gluba says this is an opportunity to turn the riverfront into something special.

"We own nine miles of riverfront," said Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba. "We're blessed and we are envisioning the most spectacular, magnificent riverfront between Minneapolis and New Orleans." 

Since the original River Vision plan, one developer was able to make the riverfront more family friendly and created places were people could play basketball or go for a jog. Now they are still trying to determine which direction they want to go next.
City officials say they won't make a final decision until residents get a chance to voice their opinions. 



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