Wilton Bringing Huge Fine For Dirty Yards

[image] New fines for yard ordinance violations in Wilton.

One local city is grabbing the attention of homeowners who do not maintain their yard in a huge way.

In the past, residents in Wilton, Iowa who didn't comply with the city's lawn ordinance were hit with $100 fines.
City leaders hoped this would force more homeowners to mow their grass and keep trash out of the yard, but it didn't work. Now city leaders believe slapping first offenders with a $750 fine and repeat offenders with a $1,000 fine would force them to comply.

"We wanted to make it stiff enough where a person would take it on themselves to clean it up and keep it up," said Chris Ball, Wilton City Administrator. "Then we wouldn't have to worry about it."

Officials say neighbors were complaining that unkempt yards can deteriorate property value. They say once the ordinance is published in the paper, it will go into effect immediately.


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