Anti-Bullying Seminar Held in Davenport


A cry for help from mothers of bullied children in the QCA prompted a public, anti-bullying seminar to be held on Saturday.


The goal was to raise awareness within the community of just how serious the issue is.

It was also a chance for families of bullied children to share their experiences.

One grandmother shared her struggle with us.

Kathy Morris says she is simply fed up with the bullying of her grandson, Damien.

He has been bullied for the past three years and she says it hasn't gotten any better.

But, Morris says she's hoping by having more anti-bullying seminars like the one held this weekend, it would bring the community together to end this growing epidemic.

Her 14-year-old grandson Damien, who has been diagnosed with a mild form of autism, says he has been called a variety of names, pushed around in the halls at school, and even cornered and beaten.

His grandmother says he's become too afraid to talk due to the constant bullying at school, and that fear has taken a toll on his mental health. He has been put on anti-depressants to deal with the stress.

Morris brought her grandson to the seminar on Saturday in hopes that he and others being bullied will gain some courage and learn what they can do to remove themselves from bullying situations.

"These kids need our help, they need somebody to protect these kids, so we're hoping this event would help these kids and maybe try to get this bullying stopped," Morris said.

Author Gabrielle Van Rij was the guest speaker at the seminar.

She is an anti-bullying advocate has written books on bullying drawing inspiration from her own bullying experiences.

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