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Groups Combat Hunger In QCA

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Hunger is an on ongoing battle in our area, and on Saturday, a mobile food pantry aimed to help families in need.

The Student Hunger Drive partnered with the River Bend Food Bank to distribute food to some of those families.

More than 300 people came out to the Mobile Food Pantry Sunday morning.

Organizers of the event call this year's turn out one of the largest they've seen.

The food distribution process looked almost like an assembly line. Families and volunteers choose everything from bread to fruits to even vegetables.

Unlike a traditional food pantry that requires a referral, this food pantry was open to any family with food needs.

It's also convenient for people without transportation.

One organizer calls the mobile food pantry a gift that helps make life easier for some families.

"With the weather getting colder, a lot of our recipients have to choose between heating their homes and food. The elderly clients have to choose between medicine and food," said Student Hunger Drive Director Denise Hester.

The director told us 15 percent of Quad Citians go hungry.

Events like this one allow food banks to combat that number.

Thirty volunteers helped out at the mobile food pantry. A lot of them were students participating in the student hunger drive.

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