Micro-Distillers Looking To Change IA Liquor Laws



Local micro-distillers met with Iowa's Governor hoping to change laws so they can sell more product and they say, bring more tourism, jobs and revenue to our area.

Right now, the Mississippi River Distilling Company is limited in what staffers can sell. You can take a tour and even sample some spirits but you can't sit down and enjoy a full glass or two or take home more than two bottles per person per day.
Owners Ryan and Garrett Burchett tell us they'd like to see that change.

"Want to make it more of a destination and if you could sit down, have a cocktail while you listen to a band play or something like that," said Ryan Burchett. "We think it would open up a lot of doors to small distilleries like us."

Governor Terry Branstad tells us the plan is definitely worth considering.
At the same time, he says there haven't been changes like this to Iowa's liquor laws since prohibition so it could take time.


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