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Calling in Sick; What's Your Excuse?

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     With flu season approaching it's bound to happen in your workplace and you may have done it a time or two, called in sick for work. But a survey shows that in the past year nearly a third of workers called in sick when actually not ill.
     Employers also shared with some pretty memorable excuses like, an employee who said their fake eye was falling out of its socket. Some quad Citians confess they've played hooky from the job in the past.
     "I ended up calling in sick for work for Christmas eve because I'm like, double pay isn't worth working four days in a row," said Arif Mitha.
     "I just, 'cough, cough' I don't feel very good today, you know fake sick. Never really came up with a bogus one. I'm not that creative," said Erin Sebastian.
     "If you're not there to help you may fall behind, lose a project, lose a potential client. A lot of different things could happen in that area," said Becky Stahler, Human Resources Coordinated for Quality Controlled Staffing in Davenport.
     On the flip side, 30 percent of employees say they've gone to work despite actually being sick.
     Another study says lost productivity from employee illnesses costs the economy more than $220 billion a year.


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