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Waco School District Tests 4-Day School Week

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A school district southwest of the Quad Cities is trying something new with its students.

The Waco School District, in Wayland, Iowa, is holding class only fours day a week and the state approved the move. Officials call it the "Four+One" system.

Students attend class Monday through Thursday for 8 hours. This is one hour longer than normal school time. On Fridays, teachers work half a day, which is used for planning and workshops and students can come to for extra tutoring if they would like, which officials say students are taking advantage of. 

The new schedule has been in place for nine weeks now and students say they are getting used to the new structure.
"It's been weird to get used to, especially because of the surrounding schools that still have school on Fridays," said senior Tympest Crawford. "So it's weird to know that Thursday is like my Friday to them." 

Officials say they will monitor attendance and test scores throughout the year to see how well the system works. 
The district has already applied to the State Board of Education to keep this kind of schedule going next year.


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