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Late Harvest Could Mean Higher Prices for Consumers

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Farmers have a common saying: It's a marathon, not a sprint.

That's certainly been true around the Midwest lately because of the weather.

Farmers tell us that crop yields have been affected last year and this year from droughts and heavy rain spells. And, rough harvests mean higher prices for consumers.

As one local farmer we talked to put it, "Mother Nature always gets to play the final card," and, over the past two years, she's dealt a rough hand to farmers in our area.

This year's harvest is being affected by three heavy rains early this spring - making for a late harvest.

And that's bad news for farmers and non-farmers alike.

A light harvest last year from the drought and a late one this year from the rains has made for a tight supply of corn and beans in the U.S. That leaves buyers and suppliers looking to places in Europe and South America for what they need.

That costs more for them to buy so those costs get passed along to you in everything from what you buy at the market to the price of gas you put in your car.

And, farmers here in the QCA say they are just trying to get by for now - even if that means getting a little help from crop insurance.

Since the more you use that insurance, the less you can rely on it in the future, farmers like say it's not something you want to do on a regular basis if you don't have to:

"Each year you insure, you insure for less and less and less. And after doing that for years and years, your base is going down," one Scott County farmer, Gary Workman, said.

The future of that crop insurance is in the air right now without a Farm Bill in place.

The last federal Farm Bill expired at the end of September, but lawmakers failed to pass a new one as they were dealing with the government shutdown and debt ceiling crises.

A Farm Bill proposal on the table now includes a $100 million dollar cut in insurance for farmers.

There is no word yet on when a final Farm Bill could be passed by Congress.

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