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Animal Hoarding Contributes To Stuffed Shelter

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Kittens, cats and dogs are filling The Quad Cities Animal Welfare Center in Milan, IL up to its highest capacity.

They come from various situations but one in recent months is becoming notorious - animal hoarding.

"It's very hard to see when it involves animals because they're so innocent," says Patti McRae, the shelter's Executive Director.

That's when the "no kill" shelter steps in and tries to help.

In the last month alone, they've taken in about ten cats from a hoarding situation in Monmouth, but they too have their limit.

"It's just a really hard thing for us to try to accommodate more and more animals when we're already full, and we really would like to help as many as we can but we do have our limits unfortunately," McRae said.

They now have about a hundred cats and kittens along with 33 dogs.

She says the best thing people can do to prevent a hoarding situation is by simply getting their pets fixed:

"How that can be prevented is by spaying and neutering and really trying to keep the population down."

And by keeping it down, it will also keep capacity levels down, too.

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