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Spooky Spending Trends

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With less than two weeks to go until Halloween, shopping for the spooktacular holiday is in full swing. But this year could be a little scary for businesses.

Americans are expected to spend about $6.9 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. That's down from $8 billion last year.

Those celebrating will trim their budgets for costumes, candy, and decorations by about $4.79 on average. They're expected to spend $75.03 this year, while they spent $79.82 in 2012.

Experts say reasons for the decline could be higher payroll taxes coupled with a weak economy and mediocre job growth that's led consumers to tighten their budgets.

In the Quad Cities though, Halloween stores we talked to say it's not the case here. They say that people in our area are still willing to spend for the fun of the holiday:

"We're seeing everything move out of the store. We're seeing some empty pegs which means we're sold out. We kept our inventory very high this year so we wouldn't disappoint people," Eric Dany, owner of Halloween Express in Davenport, said.

Even with the decline in spending expected nationally, it is important to remember that average spending on Halloween has still gone up 55 percent since 2005.

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