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Port Louisa Wildlife Refuge Back Open After Shutdown

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Thursday was the first day some federal workers stepped back onto the job after being furloughed since October first.  Non-essential workers at Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge were in that boat.

During the shutdown only one worker stayed to maintain 8,500 acres of land and often times it became hard to keep up with. Now that the park has reopened and employees have returned they are all being met with a heavy load of work. But worker is just happy that everyone is back.

"It's terrific, the burden is lifted, I'm able to do a lot of other things that are on my plate and some of the other duties can fall onto other employees now," said Ron Knopik, Deputy Manager of the Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge.

Employees say they are happy to be able to open the gates and allow visitors back at the park.


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