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Taking Strides to End Hunger

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The annual Crop Hunger Walk in Clinton, IA has been on a mission for the past 31 years to end hunger locally and worldwide, one step at a time.

"It's part of a nationwide effort, and it's important because that's one way of generating excitement and energy and raising money for good causes around the world and locally. A quarter of the money stays in food pantries in town" said Elizabeth Liggett, Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

The rest of the proceeds go to organizations around the world.

In the last 15 years alone, crop hunger walks nationwide have raised over $200 million.

Fred Schauer, one participant in Sunday's Crop Hunger Walk in Clinton, says contributing to that large amount in such a small way by simply walking a few miles gives him a sense of empowerment.

"You're doing something and you're making a difference. And seeing other people to be a part of that also is encouraging and empowering in that sense," he said.

Long-time participants Marti Young and her granddaughter, Melody May, say the walk has become a tradition they look forward to every year.

"I started bringing Melody with me when she was just really little, and she'd have to hold my hand and sometimes I'd have to pick her up. When you see where the money goes and how far it goes it's just amazing, and a portion goes to the local food pantries so its just a good deal," Young said.

This year, walkers could go for one, three or five miles. But they all agree, however many miles or steps they take, they're walking towards the same goal.

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