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Local National Guard Employees Back To Work

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The majority of the full-time Iowa National Guard workers impacted by the shutdown are now back to work, but some operations are still being impacted.

At this point, weekend drills for thousands of other soldiers remain on hold and there's no word on when those will resume. That could have more of a lasting impact on units all over.

October is one of the busiest months for drills and there are a lot of main training events like physical fitness tests that happen. Officials say having breaks in those events can affect soldier readiness. Right now, National Guard members are anxiously waiting for something to pass.
"From a nationwide perspective down to a state perspective, we're talking thousands of people for the guard in Iowa, several units of various types of job specialties that have to do their training. The one weekend a month and two weeks in summer is the way we maintain our readiness," said Capt. Forest Lightle.
While close to 40 full-time Iowa National Guard employees were excited to return to the Army Aviation Support Facility in Mt. Joy Tuesday, it's still not back to business as usual. Until a budget passes, they can't perform certain work including scheduled test flights. Crews would typically fly about 25 hours a week.
21 Iowa National Guard employees remain furloughed. In Illinois, National Guard officials say at least 90% of their workers are back on the job.


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