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President Obama Addressed Nation About Syria

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President Obama announced to the nation that he wont deploy ground combat troops to Syria and has asked Congress to postpone votes on Syria.

President Obama is seeking public support for military action in Syria. The President promises a limited strike against Syria that will not be a pin-prick but will not pursue open-ended military action.
For now, he is asking Congress not to vote on Syria action yet. The President says the US should not be the world's police, but US ideals, principals and national security are at stake in Syria.

"When dictators commit atrocities, they depend on the world to look the other way until those horrifying pictures fade from memory, but these things happened," said Obama. "The facts cannot be denied. The question now is what the United States of American and the international community is prepared to do about it."

White House officials are also exploring whether a Russian proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control might work.

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