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Rock Falls Looking For Convenience Store Liquor Sales

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Convenience store owners in Rock Falls are asking the city to amend an ordinance that prohibits them from carrying liquor in their stores.
Rock Falls is the only city in Whiteside County that bans its convenience stores from selling alcohol. Now a handful of stores are asking for a change, saying selling the alcohol could boost revenue for the business and for the city.
Rock Falls mayor William Wrescott agrees saying it could add an extra $30,000 to the general fund.

"Whether it's to purchase new equipment for one of our departments that rely on the general fund, whether it's to put additional money towards roads or alley repairs," said Mayor William Wescott. "It gives us that opportunity."

One alderman says not all change is good and there isn't a guarantee an amendment will pass.
City leaders will vote September 17th.


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