Davenport School Board Unveils Plans for Central High School Addition


Davenport Central High School is in line to get a major facelift in its auditorium and pool, thanks to one cent sales tax revenue covering the cost of the project.

The plans for the new auditorium and pool at Central High School, revealed at the Davenport School Board meeting Tuesday night, are part of a $21-million project.

The district says the design isn't official yet, but it was the first look the public has gotten of what the new Central High School auditorium and pool addition could look like.

Money from the state penny sales tax is making the addition possible.

The district gets about $13 million a year from that tax, which can only be used for infrastructure improvements and remodeling buildings.

In the past, the Davenport district has used that money to install air conditioning in all the schools and to make security improvements, among other projects.

"It's extremely important to the school district," Marsha Tangen, Davenport Schools C.F.O., said. "If we wouldn't have had this money, we wouldn't have had all the additions and renovations we've had in the district."

"That one penny that the community gives us - it's tremendous," added Scott Martin, Director of Operations for the district.

"A project like this would be very difficult to do unless you were going to bond the project, then you'd have to pay it back. So this gives us cash that we can build projects with no indebtedness to the district," he explained.

Now, the school board is asking Davenport voters to let it keep control over how that money is used.

If the ballot measure fails, the state would get to make all those decisions - and that could mean putting off future projects at other schools.

That vote will be on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

The new auditorium and pool are expected to be open by summer 2016.

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