Pow Wow Educates, Entertains QCA Families


This weekend in Rock Island, the Native American Coalition of the Quad Cities hosted the 73rd annual Native American Pow Wow.

The two-day event was a celebration to shine the spotlight on culture and tradition.

Families gathered at the Black Hawk State Historic Site for the pow wow, featuring singers, dancers, and traditional native arts and crafts.

The pow wow is an annual event that's about fun but also education - teaching the Native American heritage to people of all backgrounds.

"This is like a living history," Regina Tsosie, Native American Coalition of the Quad Cities President, said. "Like I was telling other people, you don't get this in history books."

"You can come here, you can share it, you can breathe it, you can smell it, you can see it. It's just a great experience," she said.

Tsosie says the pow wow also like a homecoming for the tribes that originally settled in our area.

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